Monday, March 10, 2008

Time tick tock

So Lets talk about time!

1.) time is seriously going faster... I mean I was like 20 like 6 years ago.. and that seemed like the other day what the heck?? I remember when I was singing "Living the Vida Loca!" ohh man at this rate Ill be 27 in like a month in a half.. wait? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

2.)What the heck is all this crap about daylight savings time.. Don't get me wrong I like it in the sense that it's lighter outside.. but this sleep is just messing me up, It takes me a good 3 -4 days before I get back on track! ohh well, I guess that is how the cookie crumbles!!!

3.)SOooo have you ever had to be somewhere in like 10 minutes and always findyourself late??? This is what I do.. I always say.. well not always but majority of the time I say I will be there in 7 minutes. EXAMPLE say you have to be there in 10 minutes if you say 7 min, then your odds go up! If you show up at 10 then you are only 3 minutes late not to shabby.. if you show up at 8 min your only a min late and you are right on track trust me.. you say 7 then people waiting count on odd number of minutes so your next deadline might be 12 min. Isany of this making sense??? probably not!! I know I just read it and was like what the Fudgebrownies with sprinkled sugar... ya I just said that deal with it!! ok done

4.) TIME... so Last week on friday at 12am ish My Grandma passed away! I was coming back from a beautiful day at the beach with my girlfriend Laura. We were looking at the BEach and just Enmjoying Gods creation! When I got back to the car I called home and my mom told me that My grandma or "Abuelita Juana" as I called her, was probably on her way out. I hung up the phone Told Laura and then drove
I probably got 5 miles before I broke down and started crying! See my grandma had a stroke about a year ago, and the last time I saw her was like 3 years before that.. so when she had her stroke I went to see her at the hospital but I couldn't get in to see her because of weird MExican rules? soo I was like whatever.. so she got home.. and lived for another 10 months. In those 10 months I never decided to go and see her :-( ...

Last week I was going to go and see her and take her a picture of me and Laura, but that never happened... IT was sad.. BUT SHe accepted JEsus Christ as her savior about a year ago soo there is peace in that.. she was an amazing grandma that took care of me and made sure I was safe.. she would give me pesos when I visited her just so I could buy candy! she would cuss to me in spanish and it would be hillarious.. SHe was my amazing grandma... I could still feel her hug.. she will be missed, SHe lived to be 91 and lived all her years to the very end!! I guess GOd decided that IT was TIME..and he wanted to bring her HOME! :-)

HEre Is my final thought..

TIME...for some of us it's short for some it's long.. we just don't know... so let's make the best of it... ok ok I know really really cheeseball and lame.. but really some truth to it...

My last thought.. I told Laura I know my Grandmas in heaven right now.. making people laugh and probably cussing in spanish...WEll OK probably not cussing in spanish..

Jesus Velazquez

Sunday, March 9, 2008

sorry I have had some stuff

will explain later.. I know you guys have been wondering if there is a writers strike in my head, but no just some stuff has happened... I will explain later enjoy your sunday!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time for sleep

So I was thinking of putting a blog up and here it is I will cheat because I need sleep.. because I have to play worship in the morning at RESonate..
which I have to be absolutely honest I love worship here and I love playing worship here, but the Video serman.. ehhh Not a big fan of.. Sorry.. Just not.. We will go into details later.. ohh yes there should be a warning sign on this blog... no prisoners!!

Ok final thought...
I love GOd Jesus Christ my savior.. he has given me the amazing talent to play music.. I mean who can just be like hey I am going to play harmonica one day at church and be semi ok.. I love it THANk You LORD.. I know im not that great but when I play for JEsus I feel like I am at Carnegie HALL.. anywwhoo goodnight!!