Sunday, March 2, 2008

Time for sleep

So I was thinking of putting a blog up and here it is I will cheat because I need sleep.. because I have to play worship in the morning at RESonate..
which I have to be absolutely honest I love worship here and I love playing worship here, but the Video serman.. ehhh Not a big fan of.. Sorry.. Just not.. We will go into details later.. ohh yes there should be a warning sign on this blog... no prisoners!!

Ok final thought...
I love GOd Jesus Christ my savior.. he has given me the amazing talent to play music.. I mean who can just be like hey I am going to play harmonica one day at church and be semi ok.. I love it THANk You LORD.. I know im not that great but when I play for JEsus I feel like I am at Carnegie HALL.. anywwhoo goodnight!!

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