Friday, February 29, 2008

It's my party and i will cry if I want to

Sooo Ya I missed yesterday but Cmon what do you want from me? I mean I am giving you free gold from this little thing I call my head!! I mean Ishould charge people to read this.. then they will be like " wow you have to pay to see what this guy has to say?? it must be amazing!!"


Yesterday I had my acting class and yes I am doing acting again.. The whole acting thing began in 2000 right when I graduated HS!

It's been a slow and painful road and frankly I hate this crap... but I aslo love it.. ohh well what am I going to do.. I am trying to break into the bizz like any other loser out there that thinks he has a look or any chance of landing a part..

BUT I bring something different to the table a secret weapong Called "The BOX, or can We eve say THE AXE, How bout 2 DAys?" any of this ringing a bell.. prob not!

WELL I know I am all over the place tonight but I need to wrap it up I need to get music ready for my party tomorrow at 8:30 pm it's a decades party. you can dress up from any era and dance to those eras music.. I got the idea from ME I thought it would be cool. I have to admit I was freaking out earlier mainly because I thought no one wanted to come and just it sucks to grow up and do your own thing!

I guess I wanted something were my friends and I could all get together and just have fun like in HS and College.. I guess it's just harder to organize things when your older.. ahh well life happens I guess, but if you come I will see you there ROCK ON!!

My final thought just like Jerry Springer.. GETTING Older is scary..
I remember I worked at a retirement home when I was 14 and I overheard two very old senior citizens talking to each other. One said any family coming for Thanksgiving
the other said "no" The other said any friends the other said "No" the man began to explain that he was the only one left and that all his family and or friends had passed away and he was just pretty muched ready to die!! I was 14 and was like OO CRAP I dont want to get old.. scary to think that was 14 years ago.. I just lived my life twice over since then!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but thats's life.. Kind of a downer last thought huh.. I know what will cheer you up!!

My Party see ya there!!

Jesus Velazquez

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danielle said...

well, we came...we had fun...and we had the best costumes...

face it