Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome Back Jesus

Soooooo I am back blogging

First things first!

when I write I dont have time to check for grammar or punctuation, so just bare with me and enjoy what I am spilling from my brain!!

soo were to start! how bout Im back.. It's weird to think that when I had to do this for school I opted not too ?? weird..

So lets just do the check list

Umm 2008 year of change

Girlfriend uhh ya amazing Here she is

Sooo I guess this is more of an intro not much to say so

Heres the skinny... have you ever wondered why they say that.. SKinny?

I think it's because if a person is skinny there isn't a lot of meat to them so I guess you dont have a lot of meat... which means you dont have a lot of meat? hmm bad example.. anyways I guess it means like summary.. or some crap like that anyhoo

here's the "SKinny" I guess my intro will be WORK and LIFE

I graduated from the great institution of CSUSM in DEC of 2006 with a great degree in Liberal studies.. I decided not to continue with the credential program Im not sure why I didn't do it I just didn't

So Now a days I am just subbing at LIGht and Life School it's great I love it! but work has been kind of slim lately!!

SEEE theres that word again "SLim," "Skinny"! slim is like there's not a lot there, so when I says slime I mean I am not getting a lot of work so it's slim.. you guys are smart you get it!!!

ok ok back to me!!

So works kind kind of here and there.. I guess I am just finding myself... whatever that means..

So remember that Amazing girl I told you about well there is a great story to that.. and that is a blog in itself.. so I will tell you more about that later!

WEll I guess that's all there is for now.. hopefully you guys like my blog.. because why else am I writing this.. for myself?? well God bless and take care

here is my FInal thought.. Thank GOd for everyday of life.. why?

Today I was driving with Laura and we were at this red light.. there was another car in front of us.. the light turned green and we all just kind of lagged are go... before we knew it this stupid piece of crap driver ran the red light!!! It looked like he was doing 100mph what a loser.. I kind of just blew it over like good thing we didn't get hit.. but then I thought.. wow what if I was just racing down the road and wanted to be first at the light, I would of for sure seen the green light and hit the gas when it turned green.. then BAM GONE!!! Just like that I could be gone.. LAura too..

Life is crazy... I guess it's time to document it!! THat sounded Gay.. but kind of cool ok Goodnight kids!!

JEsus VELAzquez

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Mike said...

Sweet story bro!! I wouldnt want to have picked up your body!! So I am glad that didnt happen! Let's hear about Laura now!!