Monday, June 16, 2008

ok ok so it's been a while.

I started blogging for a while and then saw no results so I figured I would just stop see if the world would care!

turns out it did.. after very few complaints I have decided to start blogging again why not I mean I dont have to do it everyday how bout twice a week ya that sounds good...

so whats new with me you ask?

well I still dont care about grammar as you can tell.. I just like to write.. you fix the mistakes, if you really care then send them to me and I will send you a letter saying good job your an idiot..

well Lauras been gone for like 3 months and it's been absolutely insane!!! But she comes back on monday that's a week from now.. ahh man .. ok I will be back this is a two parter.. thanks for coming back see ya soon.


Miles Grimes said...

"good job your an idiot.." should be "good job YOU'RE an idiot..."

=) i love ya man.

btw, i'm linking to your site, whether you like it or not.

LynzMiller said...

About time!! Missed you Jesus.

danielle said...

so much for starting up blogging again, eh??

miles vincent grimes said...

dude, keep bloggin! i want to know what's going on in your life!